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Greetings all! College and SWTOR have been killing my time, as well as tiny work on my original novel. For a while, I've been thinking of doing some fan fics for my SWTOR characters. So far, I have seven of the eight classes played for the most part (My Smuggler main at 50, my Trooper "Main-Alt" at 36-ish, and my Knight, Consular, Agent, Bounty Hunter and Warrior at 17-19) I haven't started a Sith Inquistor yet, because I'm going to level my Mirialan Trooper/Command to 50 so I can use the Mirialan race for my SI. (Thank you Bioware for making the Legacy System.) I figured, I'm already using an Empire only race for my Jedi Consular, why not do the same for my Inquistor? Still, I wish I had two more characer slots, so I could unlock the Rattataki and Twi'lek (So far, I have a Human, a Mirialan, a Sith pureblook that I farmed 1.5 mil credits for. -_-, a Miraluka, a Chiss, a cyborg and a Zabrak.) (I really should post photos of my other characters, now that I think about it. Haha) So, here is the "Into's" that I typed up for my 7 characters, posted in  the order I put above. (Smuggler, Trooper, Knight, Consular, Agent, Bounty Hunter and Warrior) I'm still in the early stages of what the intro for my SI will be. Any suggestions?

FYI, towards the end, some of them might make no sense whatsoever, I was pretty tired toward the end.

Smuggler: Doing a favor for a friend of his from Nar Shaadda, Captain Alex D. Geslin has arrived on Ord Mantell to deliver a shipment of Blasters.Little does he know that his "Quick and easy trip" would lead to a wild chase across the known galaxy looking for the lost fortune of Nok Drayen, Working for the Republic and dealing with an criminal turned Imperial Grand Admiral.

Trooper: Fresh out of the Republic Military Academy; Sergeant Nicolai Davfel has arrived on Ord Mantell to fill an open spot in Havoc Squad, one of the most elite special forces groups in the Republic. Only to be thrust into the position of Commanding officer of Havoc Squad, as well as have to rebuild the group and deal with the former members of Havoc who betrayed the Republic. It seems like hard work, but all in the days work for a solider!

Jedi Knight: Tython. The ancestral homeworld of the Jedi Order, and Gavern Rassilon has arrived here to finish his Jedi training under Jedi Master Orgus Din. By the time he left Tython, he was a Jedi Knight and ready to help the Galaxy. He went on to defeat Darth Angral on his flagship over Tython, and defeated at least one body of the Sith Emperor. The "Hero of Tython" would later go on to become a Jedi Master.

Jedi Consular: Brieesia Geslin isn't your "normal" Jedi. Born to Sith Pureblood slaves on an unknown planet in Sith Space. She was found and adopted by Lieutenant Maggie Geslin of Havoc Squad during the last years of the Great Galactic War. She trained with her adopted sister; Chrissy on various Jedi Academies. And arrived on Tython to train under Master Yuon Par. During Briea's training, Yuon fell victim to a Sith illness, and Briea was given the task of finding a cure for this illness and to cure the other Jedi Masters who suffered from the same illness. After she succeed here, she was given the task of protecting the representatives of the Rift Alliance. A group of planets that were threatening to secede from the Republic. She also help stop the threat from the "First Son" and the "Children of the Emperor." During this time, she was promoted to Jedi Master and made a member of the Jedi Council.

Imperial Agent: Intelligence Profile: Cipher Agent #009
Name: Golsheren (Birth name: Unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Chiss
Age: 28
Homeworld: Csilla (Chiss Ascendancy)
Background (Summary): Parents were members of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. Golsheren was disowned by his family after he openly supported the Chiss alliance with the Sith Empire, something that his father hated. Applied to the Imperial Intelligence training program on Dromund Kaas, rose to the top of his class, and given the title of Agent. Upon graduation, he was given a top secret mission by Keeper; The head of Imperial Intelligence.
*All following information is classified.*

Bounty Hunter: Mera Ralcen is out to make a name for her self in the galaxy! Born on Nar Shaadaa, Her parents were killed by pirates when she was seven years old. From then on she was raised by her older brother; Kvasir. The tow of them were close friends with the Geslin family. (Mera and Kvasir's parents worked for the Geslin's transport busniess) She had a falling out with her brother when she went off to become a bounty hunter. He felt that her new career choice was a disgrace to her parents memory, and their family name. During her first bounty job, she lost her right eye and had it replaced by an advance prosthetic eye. As the years passed, she became one of the best bounty hunter on Nar Shaadaa. It was there where she met Braden, a Mandalorian. Braden planned to get Mera into the Great Hunt; A hunting competition held by the Mandalorian's. Although Braden was killed by Tarro Blood; one of Mera's competitors, she'd later go on to win the Great Hunt, and was made a Mandalorian by Mandalore the Vindicated. She wasn't able to retire to a quiet life. She had a bounty placed on her head by the Republic, all based on crimes she didn't commit, and as a result, the Sith Empire cut all ties with her. Things are about to get bad...

Sith Warrior: Korriban. The original homeworld of the Sith species and a sacred planet for the Sith Order. Karvrik has arrived here to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and to train under Overseer Tremel. Karvrik later became apprentice to Darth Baras; the Sith Lord who forced the Republic to accept the Treaty of Coruscant. Baras later gave Karvrik a Twi'lek slave named Vette (Once Karvrik and Vette left Korriban, he removed her shock collar and they worked together as partners.) Baras sent his Apprentice out to search for Jaesa Willsaam; the padawan of Baras' nemesis, Nomen Karr. Later, Karvrik became a Lord of the Sith, and later was named the "Emperor's Wrath", after the last Wrath; Lord Scourge defected to the Jedi Order/The Republic.

So, there you go. Hopefully, I get around to doing a REAL journal entry, although... I said that a few times before, and we all know how THAT turned out. Haha.
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Submitted on
July 7, 2012